Student, Youth, and Parent Services

New Parent Kits
First 5 California provides a kit for new parents including DVDs and books on child rearing and developmental milestones, tips on responding when children are ill, and a board book for young children. These kits are in both Spanish and English.

Well Child Care Information
The Center has resources and materials available to help you understand child and youth development, nutrition, and fitness. We can also connect new parents and parents-to-be with health insurance, WIC aid, and medical and behavioral health referrals.

Nurturing Parenting Video Series/Parenting Library
The Center has a Parenting video and book library to assist and educate parents, including the Nurturing Parenting program. The Nurturing Parenting video series overviews infant, toddler, and preschooler development; creating appropriate rewards and discipline; and teaching children empathy.

“Toys for Tots” and “Gifts for Teens” Enrollment
In November and December, the Center enrolls children and teens in the Toys for Tots and Gifts for Teens programs, which provide holiday gifts to low-income families. We collect donations in our office as well as in marked boxes around town.

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