Local Community Services

Computer and Phone Access
A computer and phone are available for community use in the front office at the Center. These can be used to conduct job searches, create resumes, file for unemployment, file for Social Security and disability, and manage your human services case.

Community Meeting Room
The Community Meeting Room is available for use by a variety of local groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous (women’s and mixed), Narcotics Anonymous, Head Start socials, Mommy & Me playgroup, youth groups, and Girl Scout troops.

Skate Park
The Center, in coordination with other community groups and local youth, worked to develop and fund the Frazier Mountain Community Skate Park, which was officially opened in 2005. After repeatedly hearing that local children and teens lacked fun, low-cost recreation in the area, the Center stepped up to help bring a free Skate Park to the community.

Mountain Communities Coalition Against Substance Abuse (MCCASA)
In 2006, the Center sought grant money to create MCCASA in an effort to reduce underage drinking and drug use on the hill. The coalition is made up of 12 different sectors within our community, including youth, parents, business owners, media, school personnel, and churches. MCCASA aims to make our community safer by helping the Sherriff enforce rules and regulations; changing community norms and attitudes toward substance use; reducing accessibility; and raising awareness of pro-alcohol media messages. MCCASA has sponsored several campaigns including the Medication Take-Back, Save Lives: Report Underage Drinking, and Lock It Up.

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