About US
In 1997, a group of concerned citizens and school employees joined together to assess the unmet needs of our community. With an eye to helping our children get a positive start in life, we applied for a state Healthy Start planning grant with El Tejon Unified School District acting as our fiscal agent. Through surveys, focus groups, and community discussions, we identified several key focus areas that could improve life on the hill. After being awarded a Healthy Start operational grant, we opened our doors to the community in 1999. 

Since then the name has changed to the Mountain Communities Family Resource Center (MCFRC), but our purpose has remained the same. The Center seeks to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community by connecting them with a variety of local, county, and state resources. We continue to focus heavily on giving our children and youth a happy, healthy start, but have also expanded our services to further assist seniors, disabled individuals, and other adults.

We continue to value our support from the local community and the El Tejon Unified School District as well as our sponsoring partners First 5 Kern and Southwest Health Care District.

You can click the picture if you would like to see our KCNC Accredited Certificate.